Youth Disciple Now Weekend

DNOW and date

What is DNOW?

A Disciple Now (DNOW) weekend is a youth retreat that is designed to be “at home.”  So many trips involve traveling somewhere and doing mission work at another location.  This retreat focuses students’ attention right where they live!  There are three elements to a DNOW weekend: Worship, Bible Study, and Missions.

Worship at a DNOW takes place in a central location where students hear God’s Word from a new voice and sing praises through an energetic, spirit-filled group of musicians.  There are also several elements in a worship setting: videos,      dramas, illustrations, and lots more!

Bible Study at a DNOW weekend is typically led in the home of a youth by a college student.  Students can spend the night in these houses and hang out together, as well as learn more about God’s will for their life through Bible study.

Missions at a DNOW involves getting students on mission in their own community.  Students will typically do some type of “hands-on” project or a social ministry project.  Either way, they are challenged to share Christ’s love through their actions.


We live in a culture that teaches to sell ourselves short. Whether it be with pictures we shouldn’t be sending, internet posts where we seek out self-worth and approval, total investment into sports, whatever it might be, we make our lives out to be something cheap or meaningless. This weekend we are are going to start living like we are worth something as we see we were all bought with a price and we are a prized possession in God’s eyes!

Check out our Youth Disciple Now Website for more Info!

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